Why use the Computer Security Tool ?


The Computer Security Tool is desktop computer security software

Softwarethat provides real security and protection for your computers against most common and emerging computer security threats. The Computer Security Tool’s strength is in internet privacy and security software, blocking vulnerabilities, blocking Spyware and blocking Windows Security Holes that are monitored but not neutralized with traditional Antivirus and Spyware security software solutions. We believe that closing the security hole is much better than just monitoring and hoping to catch any viruses trying to attack it.

The Computer Security Tool is designed to secure and protect your computer against threats that Antivirus and Spyware do not block.

Computer Security Tool effectively protects your computer from

  • Malware protection New viruses not yet detected by your Antivirus
  • Malware protection Spyware infections, Malware, Worms and Viruses
  • Malware protection Common Windows Security threats
  • Malware protection Hacker attacks, Passwords Hackers attack, Privacy and data thefts

Just as the need for Antivirus and Spyware security software has grown over the past years. New and more proactive desktop computer security software solutions must also be adopted, on home and business computers, to keep your computer and data secure. The Computer Security Tool complements on traditional security solutions, such as Antivirus, Spyware and Malware applications but also improves your level of security against newborn internet threats.


The table below list the computer security tests for well known Windows security holes on most Windows XP / 2000 computers. Many of these security vulnerabilities have been used to create viruses such as Nimda, I love you, Zotob and the Welsha virus, Are you at risk from dangerous Windows Services, have you already been hacked, are you fully blocking Spyware and other Windows Security Holes? Download a free trial and run a computer security test answer the question how do I protect my computer, what is virus protection software protecting you from.


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